What to Expect when Traveling with a Medical Escort

For people who are chronically ill, injured or cognitively impaired, traveling long-distances may seem impossible. But with careful planning, medical escort companies can help ensure that people who require medical assistance can travel in comfort and safety.

By definition, medical escorts assist people who are suffering from non-emergency medical conditions and who cannot travel without assistance. Medical escorts typically use the services of commercial airlines to escort individuals to medical facilities or to the home of a loved one who can provide necessary care.

At SentinelMED, our medical escorts are nurses, physician assistants or physicians who have typically received intensive care or emergency medical training. This training gives them the skills needed to respond to any potential need a patient may experience during travel.

Here’s what patients and their family members can expect when traveling with a SentinelMED medical escort.

Before Travel. The SentinelMED team works closely with hospital case managers and family members to choose a medical escort for the patient based on his or her medical, cultural and primary language needs. A SentinelMED team member will collect the patient’s discharge information, including care instructions, and any medication and other supplies that may be required during travel, including supplemental oxygen. The medical escort will be informed where to meet the patient or person who needs assistance.

During Travel. The medical escorts employed by SentinelMED assist with transportation to the airport, check-in and TSA screening. They work with airport and airline employees to ensure all accommodations are in place for the patient’s flight. They then assist the patient throughout the flight with medications and medical treatments, and work to ensure the patient is as comfortable as possible.

After Travel. The escort will assist the patient with baggage claim and in navigating customs and immigration as necessary. He or she also will accompany the patient to a receiving care facility or the home of a family member who is able to assume care. On arrival, the medical escort will provide an update on the patient’s medical status and share a copy of all care instructions.

Medical Escort Services from SentinelMED

Air medical transports on commercial aircraft are often the best options for patients who cannot travel without assistance, or who become sick or are injured while traveling far from home. At SentinelMED, we are typically able to provide these services at a much lower cost than transporting a patient by air ambulance.

In addition to our medical escort services, SentinelMED also offers domestic and international medical transport for patients who become ill or injured during travel, or who have serious or complicated medical concerns that require medical repatriation. The SentinelMED team typically works with hospital case managers in these situations to arrange door-to-door transportation for patients.

The SentinelMED team understands the complexity of delivering exceptional care to patients who need assistance during travel. Please contact us to learn more about the services that SentinelMED offers or its staff.

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