Medical Transports

Medical Transports

Medical Transports:
A cost-effective alternative to an air ambulance.

When a patient receives medical treatment or suffers a medical event away from home, they may require medical transportation home. Unfortunately, an unplanned medical transport often results in tens of thousands of dollar in bills. SentinelMED offers a safe, cost-effective option for transporting patients. In most cases, patients can be transported on commercial aircraft when supplied with appropriately equipped and trained medical escorts.

Medical repatriation may be necessary for your patient or family member if they are injured or ill and need to return to their home country or state. In most cases, medical repatriation can make use of scheduled commercial airline flights, which is often the most affordable option.

When a patient is being medical repatriated, it is implied that any acute medical conditions have been addressed and the patient is returning home for recuperation or long-term care. Because medical repatriation tends to be non-emergent, there is usually time to make plans that are safe and appropriate to the patient’s medical condition and provide the most comfortable experience for the patient.

The patient can be transported using any combination of air ambulance services, medical escort services, and commercial flights. We determine what combination is required based on the patient’s medical condition, location, destination, and desires. We also take care of all the door-to-door logistical arrangements, including speaking to the treating and receiving facility staff, obtaining medical clearances, arranging air and ground travel and hotels, obtaining visas and proper travel documents, and acquiring travel oxygen and necessary medications and equipment.

The medical tourism industry is rapidly becoming a significant player in the health care industry as more and more patients travel for treatment. Medical tourists are motivated by many factors:

  • Cost savings
  • Quality of care
  • Alternative treatments
  • Care by a renowned specialist or specialty hospital
  • Desire for anonymity
  • Opportunity to recover while on vacation

SentinelMED can help you or your loved one make it to and from your preferred treatment destination safely, comfortably and affordably.

While the patient who chooses to travel for treatment has many resources to turn to when deciding on the optimal destination where they will seek care, making arrangements to these locations is an aspect of the process that is often overlooked. Buying tickets, obtaining visas and medical clearances, making logistical arrangements, and obtaining the necessary equipment and medication can be an overwhelming and daunting task for the medical tourist and their family. SentinelMED takes care of all these logistics so the patient can concentrate on obtaining the best medical care possible.

Whether you are a medical tourist traveling to a distant location for medical care or a hospital with a patient traveling to your facility, SentinelMED can help.

A medical evacuation becomes necessary when a patient finds him or herself with a medical need that cannot be addressed at their current location due to lack of capabilities. Patients who may under other circumstances be considered too unstable to move may be at increased risk of worsening their condition unless moved to a location where appropriate care is available. Because the patient’s diagnosis is often uncertain and the patient is at a greater risk than a patient would normally be during transport, evacuation usually brings the patient only as far as necessary to reach the closest, appropriate facility. The mode of transportation is often dictated by what is available to move the patient as quickly as possible to a better care location.

Nobody anticipates experiencing a medical emergency when away from home, but it unfortunately happens every day. When patients and their families find themselves in need of medical evacuation services, they rarely know whom to turn to. While the patient’s welfare is always the number one priority, patients and their families can end up unnecessarily saddled with tens of thousands of dollars in bills related to an unplanned medical evacuation.

Fortunately, SentinelMED offers a safe, cost-effective option for transporting patients in need of medical evacuation.