Medical Escorts


Medical Escorts:
Experienced medical escorts you can trustwhile you travel.

Patients with chronic medical conditions frequently cannot travel unassisted or using traditional means of transportation. SentinelMED recognizes that when a patient needs help with medical transportation, they need more than just a means to travel from one location to another.

Our medical escorts assist those who require special medical attention while traveling. Because our commercial medical escorts need to be prepared for every possibility that could arise while with the patient, our escorts are typically ICU or emergency medicine-trained, as this training provides for the most versatile set of problem-solving skills. They closely monitor your medical status from origin to destination, providing frequent, live updates to your designated contacts along the way.

In addition to providing medical care in-flight, our medical escorts also help get the patient to the airport, navigate check-in and security, help with luggage, work with airline staff to ensure all special accommodations are in place, and act as the link between the medical care at the travel origin and destination.