SentinelMED’s Medical Director/GMMI USA’s Chief Medical Officer to Speak at ITIC 2018 Conference

Dr. Eugene Delaune, Chief Medical Officer for GMMI USA and Medical Director for SentinelMED, will speak at the upcoming 2018 ITIC Conference, taking place in New Orleans March 3rd through March 6th. With professional networking opportunities, engaging speakers and an unbeatable social calendar, ITIC Americas offers everything the travel and health insurance industry needs.

On Monday, March 5th at 9 am Dr. Delaune will discuss cruise travel and medical assistance problems. This session will involve a review of the perils of cruising, and the main problems seen by assistance companies in this sector. The session will cover the common issue of patients being left in ports where the medical care nearby may not be the best. Similarly, the medical care may not be appropriate for the patient, resulting in an air ambulance evacuation and higher costs.

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