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We are always seeking qualified medical professionals to join our medical escort team and house call network.

Medical Escorts
The nurse escorts we use function more independently than typical hospital-based nurses, as they are frequently providing medical care in an environment with limited access to other medical services. Our escorts must be good problem solvers, as they often do not have immediate access to a supervising Physician while in flight. Because our commercial medical escorts need to be prepared for every possibility that could arise while with the patient, our nurse escorts are typically ICU or emergency medicine-trained, as this training provides for the most versatile set of problem-solving skills.

Our Physician and Physician Assistant escorts are utilized in cases where the patient is at an increased risk. Physicians trained in ICU or emergency medicine are usually best equipped for the array of situations that may occur.

If you believe you could be an asset to our medical escort team, complete our provider contact form. If your qualifications and availability match one of our available positions, we will contact you.

House Call Providers
Making house calls in your spare time is both a rewarding and profitable experience. There are no signup or membership fees and as an independent contractor, you control your schedule at all times.

Most requests for house calls come from travel insurance companies. Our team screens all medical requests to ensure they are appropriate for a house call before contacting you. When we call you with a request, you have the freedom to accept or decline our request without penalty. Refer to our FAQs below for more information.

Joining our network is easy. Simply complete our provider contact form. If your qualifications and availability match one of our available positions, we will contact you.


What type of providers is SentinelMED looking for?
SentinelMED helps patients with a variety of different injuries and medical conditions. Accordingly, we are looking for physicians, physicians assistants, and nurse practitioners of all specialties to join our network of medical escorts and house call providers.

How do I join the SentinelMED network?
Simply complete our provider contact form and a member of our medical staff will get back to you if your qualifications and availability match one our available positions.

Will I be an employee of SentinelMED?
No. Our providers are all independent contractors and as such, they must carry their own liability and malpractice insurance.

Who controls my schedule?
You do.  We always try and arrange a transport or visit that is convenient for both the patient and you. As an independent contractor, you always have the opportunity to accept or turn down any request from us to aide a patient without penalty.

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