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What Are Your Medical Transport Options?

There are many different situations in which a family member might need medical transport. But the type of transport required, and the cost associated with it, depends on the specific needs of the individual. Although transport by air or ground ambulance may be the first options that come to mind, there are other ways that…
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How to Compare Travel Insurance Policies

According to Consumer Reports, travelers spend about $2 billion a year to protect themselves from the unexpected. But do they know what they are getting when they purchase travel insurance? Perhaps the bigger question is this: Do they really need it at all? Travel insurance is an umbrella term for five different types of coverage:…
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What to Expect at Customs

More than 1 million travelers pass through U.S. customs each day at airports, cruise ports or border crossings. The process is usually straightforward, especially for travelers who research the rules for entry. However, it does require paperwork and preparation, and can be stressful for people who have medical concerns or do not travel frequently. Below…
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What Scientists are Learning About Jet Lag

Anyone who crosses more than two time zones can expect to experience jet lag. For some travelers, jet lag is merely an annoyance. For others, jet lag can slow their ability to think, reason and react, putting them at greater risk of injuries and accidents. Jet lag is caused by an interruption of the circadian…
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