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How to Avoid Seasickness – And the Need for International Medical Transport

People take cruises to unwind and let the ship’s staff take care of all their needs. However, a bout of seasickness can quickly ruin what should be a relaxing vacation. And in very rare cases, severe seasickness and its associated symptoms can aggravate underlying medical conditions. Seasickness, or motion sickness, is thought to be caused…
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Air Medical Transport: Is an Air Ambulance Service More than You Need?

A medical emergency, especially when it occurs far from home, can mean transporting a patient thousands of miles at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars. Although many people might think their only option is an air ambulance, there are times when this form of air medical transport is more than the situation requires.…
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What You Should Know about Europe’s Measles Outbreak

An ongoing measles outbreak in Europe should be a wake-up call to travelers from the United States to make sure they are up-to-date on MMR and other vaccines before traveling there. According to news reports, at least 35 people in Europe have died because of measles or measles-related complications in the past 12 months. And…
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