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What to Expect when Traveling with a Medical Escort

For people who are chronically ill, injured or cognitively impaired, traveling long-distances may seem impossible. But with careful planning, medical escort companies can help ensure that people who require medical assistance can travel in comfort and safety. By definition, medical escorts assist people who are suffering from non-emergency medical conditions and who cannot travel without…
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Why Travelers Skip Recommended Travel Vaccines – And Why You Shouldn’t

Traveling outside the United States exposes adults and children to illnesses not regularly found in this country. For that reason, most doctors and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that patients receive destination-specific vaccines before leaving the United States. So why do many travelers skip recommended travel vaccines? There are several reasons,…
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Tips for Traveling During Flu Season from an Air Medical Services Provider

In the Northern Hemisphere, the winter holiday season coincides with flu season, which runs from October to April. That means that travelers will be crowding into airplanes and sharing other enclosed spaces at a time when the influenza virus is circulating. Since it’s nearly impossible for most people to eliminate all travel during flu season,…
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Medical Tourism: Should You Travel Outside the U.S. for Dental Care?

In 2016, an estimated 800,000 Americans sought dental care outside the United States, mostly in Mexico and Costa Rica. That’s a number that has grown substantially in the last few years, as acceptance of “medical tourism” has grown and Americans grapple with the high cost of dental procedures such as implants, crowns and bridges. For…
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