Insurance Providers


When a traveler falls ill or has a medical event anywhere in the world, we take over and manage the medical care of the patient. Learn more about our services.

We understand that the people who trust us with their care are frequently in the midst of a personal travel and medical nightmare. With decades of experience working in the global travel assistance sector, our founders understand the importance of dependable, quality care. Our unique experience with referring people to medical care around the world equips us with the knowledge and skills to help patients optimize their local care and decide when to seek care elsewhere.

Whether it is dispatching a provider to make a house call (domestic U.S. only) for a non-emergent complaint or arranging a long-distance medical transport or medical evacuation, we take care of every detail, ensuring your client is getting the safest, most comfortable, and most affordable medical care possible.

Further, because we are headquartered in Washington, D.C. within a few miles of the consulates to every country in the world, we have easy access to acquiring visas for both common and less-frequented destinations.