Individuals & Businesses


We work with individuals and businesses to provide medical escort services and travel logistics for elderly, sick, handicapped, cognitively impaired, or injured family members, employees, and clients at an affordable price. Learn more about our services.

Persons with chronic or certain recently acquired illnesses and injuries frequently cannot travel unassisted or using traditional means of transportation. Unfortunately, private air ambulance or unplanned medical transportation often results in tens-of-thousands of dollars in bills. SentinelMED offers a safe, affordable alternative for patients with a variety of injuries and medical conditions:

  • Elderly
  • Sick
  • Handicapped
  • Cognitively Impaired
  • Injured
  • Medical Tourists departing for or returning from treatment

How it Works
After you contact us to arrange a medical transport for your loved one, client, or employee, your job is done. We take care of every aspect of getting the patient home safe and sound so the patient can concentrate on his or her recuperation.

Client safety is our priority. All cases are actively managed by our Board-Certified Physicians, who communicate with your treating and regular Physician to determine the best form of transport. In most cases, patients can be transported on commercial aircraft when supplied with appropriately equipped and trained medical escorts.

Further, because we have Physician involvement every step of the way, we are able to provide a level of in-flight medical care and pain-control unmatched by most of the other companies in the industry. Our medical escorts are trained in the complex altitude physiology and carry the latest model portable oxygen concentrators and resuscitation equipment, including advanced life support drugs and narcotic pain medications.

At the end of your journey with SentinelMED, we provide you with all necessary documentation to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

Our protocols and procedures are detailed and time-tested, ensuring that your family member, employee, or client is getting the safest, most comfortable and most affordable medical care possible.