Hospitals & Case Managers


SentinelMED has a reputation for providing safest and most cost-effective long-distance discharge transport logistics and repatriation services in the industry.

SentinelMED values its relationship with hospital case managers and stands ready to assist you when you have a patient who requires long-distance medical transport or repatriation services. We realize that Case Managers play a critical role in helping patients find the necessary support and resources and appreciate the opportunity to answer that call.

Hospitals rely on SentinelMED to safely bring medical tourism patients to and from their facilities, while making all logistical and in-flight medical arrangements at a reasonable cost.

Our signature service is cost-effective, bed-to-bed medical transfers using commercial airlines and medical escorts in lieu of air ambulances. We can arrange stretchers, fully reclining seating, and even mechanical ventilation for patients on international flights. We do all of this at a fraction of the cost of air ambulance, with appropriate support from our trained medical escorts and airline medical departments. In the rare event that we determine a patient is not capable of flying by commercial airline, we maintain strong relationships with several vendors and can arrange for air ambulance at a discounted price.

Our bed-to-bed service includes:

  • Oversight by US-trained, board-certified Physicians at every step of a patient’s encounter with SentinelMED
  • Speaking with the treating medical staff
  • Evaluating the care the patient is receiving
  • Making recommendations on moving the patient
  • Obtaining medical clearances and acquiring proper travel documentation, including passports and visas
  • Making logistical arrangements, including arrangement of all air and ground travel, travel oxygen, airline clearances for in-flight oxygen
  • When applicable, arranging a receiving bed or appropriate home care once the patient arrives at their final destination
  • Providing care for the patient en route, including personal needs, meals, medical monitoring and equipment, and any required interventions
  • Providing live updates to the referring and receiving facilities


Educational Opportunities
With over 25 years of combined experience in both civilian and US military aerospace and transport medicine, Dr. Jim Evans and Dr. Eugene Delaune are experts when it comes to presenting on the challenges of aero-medical transportation. One of their most popular lectures covers “Discharge Planning and Repatriation of International and Domestic Patients.” The 3 main points they cover in this lecture are 1) Aerospace physiology, 2) travel insurance and the challenge of discharging various categories of non-local patients, and 3) the nuts and bold of arranging medical transportation to get a non-local patient home for recovery or long-term care. Because of the timeliness and relevance of the topics they cover, case managers at medical centers with a significant volume of foreign and visiting patients are always very interested in the material they present:

1 May 2016: Travel Health Insurance Association of Canada 2016 Annual Conference in Naples, FL "Determining Fitness to Fly in International Patients"

29 Feb 2016: International Travel and Health Insurance Conference in San Diego, CA "The Anatomy of a Travel Recommendation: Who is and is not Fit to Fly"

31 July 2015: ACMA FL Chapter 12th Annual Case Management Conference in Championsgate, FL "Expediting Repatriations: Getting Your International Patients Home"

17 July 2015: SFCMN Conference in Davie, FL "Expediting Repatriations: Getting Your International Patients Home"

14 March 2015: 7th Annual ACMA Virginia Chapter Spring Conference in Richmond, VA "Repatriating International Patients: Strategies for Getting Your International Patients Home"

19 Nov 2014: GBTA Energy, Resources & Marine Symposium in Houston, TX "What Does it Take to Plan for the Unexpected (in a world with Ebola)?"

22 Oct 2014: GBTA Webinar, "Risk Radar: Managing the Medical and Security Implications of the Ebola Epidemic - How Will You Protect Your Travelers?"

17 Oct 2014: CMSA South Florida Conference, " Get me Home! Aeromedical and Logistical Considerations When Repatriating Non-Local Patients"

23 Sept 2014: Medical Tourism Association, "Travel Insurance in the 21st Century: From Medical Travel to Emergency Evacuations"

3 Sept 2014: For Cigna Global Health Benefits, "Ebola Informational Webinar" Together with Cigna's Chief Medical Officer, Daniel Ober

28 July 2014: GBTA National Conference, "Get Me Out of Here!: What goes into a successful evacuation and explore best practices for travel managers to develop a plan that helps meet Duty of Care responsibilities”

19 June 2014: National CMSA Conference in Cleveland, OH "Discharge Planning and Repatriation of International and Domestic Patients"

3 May 2014: ACMA Virginia Conference in Richmond, VA "Discharge Planning and Repatriation of International and Domestic Patients "

12 April 2014: National ACMA Conference in Chicago, IL "Discharge Planning and Repatriation of International and Domestic Patients "

21 February 2014: CMSA Northern Florida Conference in Taveres FL "Discharge Planning and Repatriation of International and Domestic Patients"

If you believe the case managers at your facility would be interested in hearing them speak, contact us and we will schedule a time to come give this educational seminar to your staff.