Private Jet Services Chooses SentinelMED as Partner to Provide Air Medical Transport Services and Support

SentinelMED has partnered with Private Jet Services (PJS) to provide aviation and air medical transport services to its Jet Card members, including real-time medical consults and emergency medical assistance to travelers.

As the chosen medical specialist for PJS, SentinelMED will offer PJS Jet Card members:



  • Pre-trip health assessments and vaccine recommendations, and will provide a comprehensive list of medical resources at travelers’ specified destinations.
  • Medical evacuations and repatriation for Jet Card members and their associates.
  • Assistance in arranging in-flight and at-destination medical support, including trained and professional medical escorts who can travel with members who are sick or injured.
  • Provide or hire a staff of medical professionals as-needed for Jet Card members who are traveling to remote locations in the world.

PJS is the only jet service that provides this level of medical service and care to its members, says Greg Raiff, the company’s chief executive officer.

“I’ve witnessed the professionals at SentinelMED deliver superior medical care to clients in the most remote locations,” Raiff says. “This partnership with SentinelMED will give our clients peace of mind when it comes to emergency care and medical evacuations while traveling, and strengthen our corporate commitment to safe travel.”

PJS is an aviation consultancy and air charter services provider founded in 2003. In addition to its Jet Card Program, PJS provides air services to multinational corporations, professional and collegiate sports teams, presidential candidates, government agencies and many of the world’s largest musical acts. The PJS team strives to deliver a level of service and safety that is unmatched in its industry.

For SentinelMED, the partnership provides an opportunity to assist PJS in providing an extra level of services to its card members.

“We are pleased to extend our expertise in orchestrating the safest, most efficient medical care available to PJS Jet Card Members,” says Eugene F. Delaune, MD, the chief medical officer at SentinelMED. “No matter what situation you find yourself in, you can count on our support, hard work and tireless effort to get you home, safe and sound.”

SentinelMED is owned and operated by board-certified physicians who have decades of experience in the field of aerospace medicine and travel medicine. We provide long-distance air medical transport and assistance to patients who become sick or injured while far from home.

Our team works closely with hospital case managers to coordinate care for patients who need to be transported from a distant medical facility to one closer to home, or the the home of a family member.

The SentinelMED team understands the complexity of delivering exceptional care to patients who need assistance during travel. Please contact us to learn more about the services that SentinelMED offers or its staff.

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