My family and I want to extend a heartfelt thank you for the quick and efficient medical transportation that you provided my mother. The care and concern you demonstrated to me and my family in a time of crisis is greatly appreciated. Your ability to act swiftly and compassionately on such short notice is to be commended.

Antonella Tommasi

Thank you for flying my aunt safely to her destination.  My uncle and the family are very happy with the services and the way you handled their concerns and challenges.  There is a lot of stress, grief and sorrow with her illness and I knew only you could make this happen in such a short time.  Thank you!!!

Bellinda, Family Member

Thank you very much for the quality services you provided.  We found your team to be very responsive and professional with a strong focus on service and quality.

Hospital Case Manager

From my experience, while any medical travel company will claim to be certified and the best, the reality is always different. It was only after coming in contact with Sentinel Med that I had lots of services which they provided with a lot of expertise! I have been completely satisfied with the services offered by SentinelMED’s team!


Thank you for the support you and your team provided to our organization in the return of a patient to his home country.  Without the guidance from your experts (and calls directly from Diane and Dr. Delaune) we would have met a much more difficult task.  Your rate was remarkably competitive based on past experience, and the competence and dedication you all demonstrated was so appreciated. Again, much appreciated all of your assistance and the speed with which you all operated!

Kim Mitkowski, MSW, ACM Case Manager Team Lead, Mary Washington Healthcare