About Us

Medical Assistance Company for Travelers & Stranded Patients

SentinelMED is a medical assistance company that helps stranded patients and travelers with a variety of injuries and medical conditions. Owned and operated by board-certified physicians with decades of experience in US military aerospace and civilian travel medicine, we understand the complexities of delivering exceptional care to a sick, elderly, or injured patient in an unfamiliar environment. With over 25 years of combined military and civilian aeromedical travel experience at every stage of a patient’s encounter with SentinelMED, our team stands ready to respond to all of your needs.

Leadership Team


Dr. Jim Evans
Managing Director


Dr. Eugene Delaune
Medical Director


Cait Wellborn
Director of Operations


Diane Mortiere
Director of Medical Services





Private Jet Services (PJS)

Private Jet Services (PJS) delivers integrated and innovative aviation solutions. PJS takes care of both the big plans and the minute details, tailoring every aspect of air travel to your exacting needs. The PJS approach combines the exclusivity of your own jet with the flexibility of an entire fleet.

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A leader in the medical tourism industry, PlacidWay offers extensive information related to medical travel, international medical providers, foreign treatment packages, and global destinations for healthcare travelers. PlacidWay’s network has over 250 renowned medical centers from more than 30 countries.

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