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We are a comprehensive medical assistance company that assists travelers who are away from home with medical emergencies. We provide advice, patient travel assistance and medical escorts. SentinelMED is run by medical professionals. We are trained physicians and nurses who are clinically active in emergency and critical care medicine. We understand the complexities of delivering care to a stricken traveler who is in an unfamiliar environment. And we specialize in simplifying the process of obtaining care or traveling for our clients. When away from home or finding yourself in a difficult situation, you can rest assured that we are dedicated to helping you. We have been doing this for a long time -- we have over 25 years of combined experience! If you are in need of a medical escort to assist you with medical repatriation or evacuation to a better location, we can help!

our approach

We work hard for our customers. You are the foundation of our company. This single tenet is the most important driver of our business. Whatever assistance you require, you can be sure that we put you first! We understand that the people who trust us with their care are frequently in the midst of a personal travel and medical nightmare. We become your advocate and your way out. We take care of every detail; ensuring that you are getting the best medical care possible and are safely transported home.

We understand that travelers with medical emergencies are frequently incurring significant, unplanned expenses. We specialize in orchestrating the safest and most economical transportation and medical care. We work with you to ensure that all your medical and financial goals and travel expectations are met.

why choose us

Our founders have decades of clinical experience as board certified, emergency medicine physicians in major US medical centers. We have decades of training and service in both civilian and US military aerospace and transport medicine arenas.

Our unique combination of experience and training equips us with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide superior service to all ill and injured travelers. All cases are actively managed by our physicians who communicate with your treating doctors and your home physician. Whatever situation you find yourself in, you can count on our support, our hard work, and our tireless effort to get you home -- safe and sound.


Contact with the referring medical facility (when applicable) after the case is initiated, to determine the patient's medical needs during transport and confirm fitness for travel, before the medical transport actually happens.

A medical attendant, based out of the United States, who is prepared to address the patient's needs for the entire period from initial to final contact with the patient.

Transmission of oral, written and electronic medical reports from a referring to a receiving medical facility.Real medical oversight of the medical attendant, by a board-certified, US-based emergency medicine physician. Arrangement of all air and ground travel, including travel oxygen and airline clearances for in-flight oxygen.


My family and I want to extend a heartfelt Thank You for the quick and efficient medical transportation that you provided my mother...

The care and concern you demonstrated to me and my family in a time of crisis is greatly appreciated. You ability to act swiftly and compassionately on such short notice is to be commended.

Antonella Tommasi, NY"

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